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How to dispose of your leftover paint

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A quick approach to give your house or furniture new life and a brand-new appearance are to provide a fresh coat of paint. However, you frequently don’t use the entire can of paint you purchase, and you might need to learn how to get rid of it.

There are a few safe and sanitary ways to dispose of your leftover paint, and we’ll let you decide for yourself which one is best for your needs:

1. Use latex-based paint again and again

Typically, latex-based paint is forgiving. Consider combining leftover cans of this particular paint from two or three jobs into one bigger container. They’re great bases for other paint jobs, even if they’re not a colour you can use as a top coat. Combining paint can assist in preventing paint from ending up in local landfills. Additionally, you can donate the remixed latex-based paint to neighbourhood schools, community centres, or projects.

2. Deliver oil-based paints to a facility for hazardous waste

Many oil-based paints contain toxic materials that prevent them from drying out and being dumped in the trash. You’ll usually need to dry them out first, and you can do this by filling the can with an equal mixture of oil-based paint, cat litter, sawdust, or concrete powder. Once you get a thick mixture, continue mixing. The colour will begin to dry after being heavily sucked dry by the sawdust, cat litter, or concrete powder. Let your paint mixture be outside or in a dry, well-ventilated room for a few hours. It will dry out more quickly the longer you leave it. Then, look up a hazardous waste facility once it is dried. You are welcome to bring the complete can of dried oil-based paint there, and they will properly dispose of it.

3. Find a nearby paint recycling facility

Leave it to the experts if you need help disposing of your leftover paint. Paint companies run the Paintback program in Australia. There is a Paintback collection centre in each Territory and State. You can bring them any old or unwanted paint, and they will either dispose of it safely and effectively or look for alternative uses. Since 2016, the independent, non-profit Paintback initiative has assisted with the secure disposal of excess paint in Australia.

Don’t let unused paint cans clutter your garage, basement, barn, or house. There are environmentally friendly and waterway-safe methods of disposal that are efficient and safe.

Happy painting! 


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