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Adding window furnishings after painting your home

Scandinavian style room

As the title implies, your home is newly painted and revamped. But you feel that something more can be done – you are right, window furnishings! They might seem like a benign decorating process; however, curtains and blinds can make or break a room. So, here is some basic information about what curtains can do for you and what styles are “in” at the moment in the glorious world of decorating.

1. Curtains and blinds can help you set the mood of your room

Generally, there are two groups of colours – warm and cold. Warm colours tend to add energy to our psyche, and these colours are reds, yellows and oranges. On the other hand, cold colours have a soothing effect. These are the blues and greens. So when deciding on a colour palette for your next curtain or blind project, a lush red panel would go perfectly in the living room, where you spend most of your waking time, while a gentle light blue might go well in your bedroom. Important to note is that if you are one of those souls that have a difficult time making decisions, then the good ol’ white or monochrome will settle the battle!

2. Window coverings can lower your electricity bill!

Yes, who would know that vanity will pay itself off! Because decorative fabrics lined with blackout layers prevent heat or cooling from evaporating into the atmosphere. So when you decide to make or purchase your new piece, make sure to add lining.

3 Curtains are a thing of the 80s

I blame the late 80s for this confusion – it was a time of decadence when having more was a sign of individualist confidence, which was evident in style and design – bigger hair, higher shoulder pads and ruffled floral window curtains. A detox to the hangover caused by the sickening mix of uncoordinated colours is the minimalistic and more straightforward design of the 90s. So today, you don’t have to succumb to an overly complicated curtain finish; you can go for a sleek and modern design such as an eyelet pair of curtains or even a currently popular style known as Euro pleat!

4. Can curtains be made cheap but look good?

Unfortunately, with the mass production of DIY blinds and curtains, there has been a catastrophic plague of poorly dressed windows! Moreover, this trend has created a notion that curtains can be pretty, even cheap. I’m sorry, but this is a myth, and a set of good quality curtains will set you off in the range of $600 -$900. There are other solutions. For instance, if you have decided to create your window furnishing from scratch, you can purchase curtain fabrics in an online fabric store and use online tutors! I would highly recommend a handmade platform called Craftsy – it is a “pot of gold” for all willing to sew.

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